Community Conduct

The following are the expectations for conduct in our community. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive environment with like-minded golfers so that each member can maintain their health and continue to have a long and productive golf life.

Be Kind and Courteous

We have our opinions concerning golf such as how to play, where to play, what to wear etc.. While healthy debates are natural, kindness is required.

No Promotions or Spam

We welcome links to free articles and resources, self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed unless you first receive authorization and/or it is pertinent to your Golden Golfers Group.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

This is a private and secured group.

The information and resources within this group and platform are for the exclusive use of its members only.

It is expressly forbidden to share content or your login credentials with anyone who is not a member of the GoldenGolfers.

Violation of this confidence are grounds for immediate removal from the group and revocation of your membership AND lifetime license if you happen to be an inaugural member.

Thank you for understanding this trust and we hope to see you on the links!

The Golden Golfers Team