Golden Golfers Stretching Routines


Discover the safer way to stretch for senior golfers 50 years of age or older.

Your alarm clock sounds and you find yourself sitting on the side of the bed for several seconds before standing up ---

A golfer stands on the first tee box and tee off.  He grunts and say,
ugh, my back is still a little tight; you guys have any Ibuprofen in your bag?”

Does that sound like you?
If so, then this challenge is for you!

Golf stretches for senior golfers by a senior golfer - (Iron Mike Taylor)

As a 65+ year old golfer, I have decided I will NOT be “the grunting guy on the tee box”.

At, we have assembled a set of daily stretching routines designed for those who are 50 years of age and older to play your best game.

A different core benefit presented

What separate these routines from the plethora of other stretching routines out there is that as a 65 year old, I know FIRST-HAND the difficulties of doing a standing stretch then a floor stretch to an “on your knees” stretch and back to a standing stretch only to be repeated in an unstructured order.

The beauty of the Golden Golfers Stretch Routines is that they are “Grouped”.

You will “ALWAYS” start with a series of standing stretches followed by a series of floor stretches; there will be none of that “UP AND DOWN AND ALL THROUGH THE TOWN” craziness.

Each stretch is performed by “Me” an over 65-year-old recreational golfer! Not by a 30 something with steel ABS and a flexible green spine that a contortionist would envy.

Some routines that are typically done on the knees have been modified to be performed “STANDING”. There are NO routines that are performed on the knees.

We will show you an easy way to "Get Up from The Floor in seconds" after your floor stretches using the very stretches you are performing; that illustration alone is worth the modest price of the challenge.

The only positions used are:

Standing and Floor (Supine - on the back) [NO WEIGHT ON THE KNEES or LYING ON YOUR STOMACH]

The four-week challenge is designed for beginners and can be performed beyond the four weeks; after which, you may extend the time and/or reps of certain stretches.  I am confident that you will eventually incorporate ALL the stretches as your daily routine on the days you are NOT golfing.

The four-week challenge is a short (relatively easy yet effective) daily routine that should take no longer than 15 minutes of actual stretching on any given day. (Your stretching time will ultimately be moderated by you.) 

The Golden Golfers Stretching Routines will also include a short set of stretches (our favorites with "The Hitchhiker" being our ABSOLUTE favorite) that can/should be performed at the driving range and around the tee box just before teeing off.

No Special Equipment Needed

We are CONFIDENT after just ONE WEEK you will feel the positive difference in your posture and back as well as the impact you will make in your swing to the point that we are offering a FOURTEEN DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITH OUR LIMITED ONE-TIME FOR LIFE FEE OF ONLY $49usd!  ONE-TIME PAYMENT AND NEVER AGAIN! 

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What you will discover:

If you are currently using the “old man golf swing” and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, our stretches will help you to feel much better and you may quickly discover that you are able to turn even more on your core which in turn will yield a longer drive and approach shot.

Now with that being said, it is further suggested that after the four week challenge you might want to revisit a driving range that has yardage markers; you may have to readjust and go up a club for certain yardage.

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This is a time sensitive offer and will convert to a monthly subscription
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